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Premium guidance for the elder

Why is Silverton your best choice to achieve your goals?

Let's start with an even more important question. Who says that the elder can't have goals? There is a widely accepted idea in our society that couldn't be more wrong. "Old people can't do stuff." In one way or another, they tell you that when you grow older, you must sit around on your rocking chair, weave and read the newspaper. 

We have some news for that! Growing older doesn't have to be a boring, flat experience. Medicine and lifestyle have improved so much that now we have decades ahead after we retire. There is so much to do! There are so many places to go! There is so much to learn!

Life is about fulfilling your needs and pursuing your dreams. Life is worth living when there is something that you really want and you are constantly seeking your way into it. Nowadays, you can live healthily and comfortably long pass retirement. It's a whole new stage in your life! Why not enjoy it at its best?



Welcome to Silverton, your first step into an awesome third, fourth and, why not, fifth age! You are about to enter a new youth in your life. We will tell you exactly how to feel renewed and boost your life. You will have new goals, new horizons, and a whole new outlook on your own life. 



Get the best advice to improve your life with Silverton!

We are experts in equity release schemes for all needs and all ages. Our mission in the market is to provide all of our customers with the best advice on their real estate planning. Releasing the equity of your home is your best chance to have a great life experience and expand your possibilities. We will show you how to get it done!

Dare to dream of more than what you have. Dare to ask yourself: "what would I do if I could afford anything?" and "what is it that I want or wanted to do in my life but never did because I didn't have the money to pay for it?". Those thoughts will no longer lead to a frustrating conclusion. Now, the story can be different! You can actually do those things! How? With equity release, of course!

We are here to make it happen. Come to us now and tell us what you want. It is our job to figure out how to make it possible and rest assure that we will do it!

Don't know where to start? Here! Have some ideas!

We're not only great at equity release guidance. We are also expertis in third age activities! Check our website to find the best ideas for your life, home and free time. Find new people to meet and make friends with. Learn new things. Find about unknown destinations for holidays and trips. Read some do-it-yourself home improvement instructives to lighten up your place. We update constantly, so alwas be in touch! 





"I am so happy that I found a new passion in my life, that is confectionery. I would've never realized it were it not I tried it. I was able to do it thanks to Silverton. You should try it too and see what you discover!"
Tina Donald


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"People in Silverton have been so nice to us and have done such a great job. Could I complain? Not at all. Would I recommend them? Yes, absolutely. It has been a great experience to work with them."
Riley Flannagan

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